STX Stallion SC Limited Edition Shaft

If you’re a fan of limited edition lacrosse gear, or blacked out lacrosse shafts, you might want to take a look at the STX Stallion SC limited edition shaft.

The STX Stallion SC limited edition attack shaft features STX’s new Shaft Lock technology. This new technology adds additional strength and security to the connection between the head and handle. It also helps to reduce head rattle, thus improving on your playing experience.

STX’s Stallion SC shaft is constructed with Scandium alloy to maintain a light weight and strong shaft.

The shaft is primarily designed for midfielders and attackmen. It comes in weighing appriximately 160 grams, and features a mild sandblast/fine grit finish. The handle shape is a concave octagon, and the Stallion SC limited edition shaft features a traditional rubber butt end.

True to the name, the STX Stallion SC limited edition shaft is only available in limited quantities. It’s currently available for $99.99 from Click here to check it out.

Click here to check out the limited edition, black on black, STX Stallion SC shaft!

STX Stallion SC Tonal Limited Edition Shaft

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