John Tavares Scores on Hidden Ball Trick

The Buffalo Bandits of the National Lacrosse League may be only 1-1 on the young season, but they may have already scored one of the best goals of the year.

In the second quarter of their January 11th season debut, John Tavares took a hidden pass from teammate Luke Wiles. As the whistle blew for play to resume, Wiles continued to act as though he had the ball, streaking up the left side towards the Philadelphia Wings goalie.

The Wings were in the midst of a penalty kill, and had all four players following Wiles as he advanced. Meanwhile, Tavares carried the ball up the right side unopposed and scored an easy goal. No one from the Wings squad realized what was going on until after the whistle blew signaling a goal, making the effort all that much more impressive.

Buffalo’s hidden ball trick brought the team within four goals, trailing 8-4 after the play. The Wings kept their composure, however, and went on to win the game 13-8.

Check out the full video of the trick play below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Have you seen any other cool trick plays this season?