Benedictine to Honor Fallen Lacrosse Player

Ricky McAllister MemorialRicky McAllister was a popular member of the Benedictine lacrosse team, and well known around his Savannah, GA school. On Jan 1st, 2010, the 15 year old was unfortunately involved in a single car crash not far from his home. McAllister was killed in the accident, but thanks to his family, friends and of course his teammates, his memory will not soon be forgotten.

For a while after the accident, McAllister’s parents were not sure what to do with their son’s jersey. But last season, Ricky’s dad, who is also coach of the Benedictine lacrosse team, saw his son’s jersey draped across the bench every game. The gesture proved to be more than meaningful as the team went on to win their first state championship in the school’s history.

This season, however, things will change with the number 10 jersey that Ricky wore. It has now been decided that a select senior who is most deserving will wear the number 10 each season. For the upcoming season, Ricky’s old jersey will be worn by Hunter Hebert.

Benedictine will look to use this unfortunate tragedy as continued motivation in the upcoming season. They will set their sights high and aim for another state championship as Ricky continues to watch over his old squad.

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