Reebok 11K Lacrosse Head

Introduced in late 2012, Reebok brought to the market the new Reebok 11K lacrosse head. Available in black and white, and both strung and unstrung, the Reebok 11K head is sure to please fans of Reebok Lacrosse.

The Reebok 11K head improved over its predecessors by shedding some weight. The weight reduction, however, will not decrease the stiffness or durability of the head. Reebok was able to eliminate weight from the head by using a unique throat and side wall design which eliminates extra unnecessary material.

This new head has also been designed with the shooter in mind. The channeled or pinched design is perfect for accuracy, while the pro-offset provides the optimum load when shooting. Additionally, it’s features are going to help with ball protection and control.

For those who string their own heads, the Reebok 11K’s rigid sidewall and scoop have been optimized for a large number of stringing options.

Reebok’s new 11K head has been designed to meet not only NCAA specifications, but NFHS regulations as well.

The Reebok 11K unstrung lacrosse head retails for $89.99, and as previously mentioned, will be available in both black and white. The Reebok 11K strung head retails for $99.99 and is also available in black and white. Both items are currently available and can be purchased at your local lacrosse store. If you’re having trouble finding them, leave us a note in the comments and we’ll help you out!

In the meantime, leave us a comment with your thoughts on the Reebok 11K lacrosse head. Do you like it? Will you replace your current head with one of Reebok’s latest?

Reebok 11K Lacrosse Head
Reebok 11K Lacrosse Head

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