The Goalie School Pays Tribute To Hobart Legend Rick Blick

goalie school

At sunset of July 12, 2014, one hundred goalies at The Goalie School “TGS” paid tribute to the life and exceptional skills of former Hobart College goalie Rick Blick (’78). Memories of this three-time recipient of the Ensign C. Markland Kelly Jr. Award – recognizing the nation’s best goalie – were shared by TGS Director, Bill Pilat (Roanoke ‘85) and John Fowler (St. Lawrence ’80). Each coach recounted stories to the campers at Millbrook School in Millbrook, New York of the extraordinary exploits of the Statesman’s brilliant on-field play and life-long contributions to the position of goal and sport of lacrosse. Blick’s collegiate record included two national championships and a 41-5 record as a starter. Number 3 will always be #1….

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