Grip ‘N Rip: Rochester Rattlers Ty Thompson


What head and shaft are you using?

I’m using a Thompson Lacrosse i6 with my custom Epoch Dragonfly shaft

Ty’s Custom Gen5 DragonFly Shaft

What do you like about the i6 head and Epoch shaft?

The i6 is my families own head, the details and design of the sidewall means a lot to me, it has a great shape, light and easy to get any pocket into it, and in my opinion, the epoch dragonfly is the best shaft out there, lightweight and durable.

Tied up to Ty's specs with Otter mesh

Tied up to Ty’s specs with Otter mesh

Who strings your sticks? Do you use a lot of whip?

I usually string my own sticks, I don’t use any whip at all. My pocket I would say is a mid to high pocket with 2 shooters (still used to the college rules) and with hardly any hook at all (whip).
image1 (1)
Do you use a different pocket for box and field?
I usually use the same stick but just make the pocket a little deeper for box
legal or illegal? box legal, of course!

legal or illegal? box legal, of course!

5 seconds left to go, you have the ball on the crease, what is your go to shot?
My favorite shot is the dip and dunk, for sure. I practice the dip and dunk in my uncles gymnasium where we put a box net in. It’s basically getting your high to low fakes down and eventually learning how to go to the next step, which is dunking over the goalie.
Ty’s question for our next Grip ‘N Rip featured athlete: What’s your favorite song to listen to before a big game?

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