C-12 Lacrosse Celly Line Handle

Celly Line - C-12 Lacrosse - 3.18.2015

This week we got a chance to review C-12 Lacrosse’s Celly Line Midfield handle. The shaft definitely looked sharp coming out of the box, so we were hoping that it would hold up to the beating we would put it through. After reading about C-12’s Flex Minimizing Technology (FMT) is was certainly interesting to see what some of the harder shooters around Baltimore had to say. Ratings and comments below.

SHAPE 9 out of 10

This handle is pretty traditional with no real distinctive differences from others out on the market. It was simple to handle and was easily up to the standards that most elite players are used to. As one player mentioned “there was nothing that you had to get used to therefore it was a solid universal shaft that can be good right out of the box”.

WEIGHT 8 out of 10

This shaft is light. We don’t have exact statistics on it, but we are sure the folks at www.c12lacrosse.com/ can give you more specifics. This carbon fiber handle seems like it is made out of space ship parts as it is a solid combination of light and sturdy. C-12 specializes in carbon fiber technologies so they are one of the standard setters in that realm. Perhaps slightly unfair, it got an average grade in this category because of concerns over it’s sturdiness long term due to it’s weight properties. That sturdiness concern will be addressed later.

Celly Line Trial 3

GRIP 10 out of 10

The players that tried this handle raved about its “tackiness” for lack of a better term. They commented how it wasn’t sticky and likened it to sandpaper where you could loosen your grip and slide easily over the surface and then tighten your grip at a moments notice and immediately get the desired control. Players who typically used tape on their handles, said that “tape wasn’t even necessary for this one”. This solid grip also comes into play in the lacrosse “early season” where weather is less than desirable. We ran our testers through multiple stick handling drills and all came away impressed with the grip.

DURABILITY 10 out of 10

We sent this shaft out for some college practices and club team games and it held up really well. It didn’t crack, chip, or dent. It was definitely designed to limit the impact of checks and therefore provides the player with greater stability when controlling the ball. After sending it out on assignment, we decided to give it a certain “real world” test. The goal was to try and crack or chip the outside coating in whatever way we could. We whacked it against stone walls, chain link fences, and concrete pillars (certainly more than it would ever take in a game), and we couldn’t chip it. This was certainly surprising given the weight of this shaft. We came to the conclusion that we would probably have to saw it in half to break it.

FLEX 8 out of 10

This handle is true to advertising. It was characterized by players as “rigid” and many said that they couldn’t generate any flex-related torque due to the lack of flex. This lack of flex seemed to offer them greater control and precision when it came to shots, however many players said there was an adjustment period needed. We at LPG noticed that a lot of the initial practice shots with this handle were sailing high because players were used to more flex in their daily lacrosse stick. However, with a little adjustment all the players became comfortable with difference. This stick is certainly not flimsy.

Celly Line Trial 1

LOOKS 9 out of 10

The handle we tested had a blue to black fade (depending on which end you looked at). Most players liked the subtle styling. It was also appealing to the players because it didn’t have advertising all over it and no crazy patterns. It also comes in red, green, white, and yellow.

OVERALL 9 out of 10

This shaft is definite quality so it rates a 9 out of 10. If you are looking for a light weight shaft that can take a beating than this is it. It has an excellent balance of strength with lightness and it will certainly not crack or dent like some $50 shaft on the market (this one goes for about $150). Overall the players who tested it, recommended it for high school players and up because they felt it’s properties would benefit the more “advanced” player. Given it’s awesome grip it is play ready right out of the box once you add a head.

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