String League: Throne of String Week 1

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 9.14.45 AM

Welcome to String League, lacrosse’s biggest stringing competition. Week one is meant to challenge and stretch competitors’ problem solving, and adaptability. Our first week of the finals belongs to Throne of String. Throne‘s owner Joe gives us some background on his lacrosse company based out of Brooklyn, New York. This week’s challenge for contestants @Brostrings, @Laxisbae, @lacrosseman, oldratlax, @mclaxstrings is the Throne pocket. This is a highly complex four leather custom pocket invented by Joe involving an “O” channel, double interlocks, and contingent stringing. Entries will be judged on symmetry, pocket shape, tension, amd overall presentation by Chris, Throne of String’s lead stringer. Watch our weekly video installment on and be sure to check out the leaderboard and root for your favorite stringer. We want to thank all of our sponsors The Lacrosse Network, Stylin Strings, Throne of String, East Coast Dyes, Encore Lacrosse, LAX Allstars, STX, and JimAlax.

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