Traditional Double Knot… Why Not? | String League Episode 5


Welcome to String League, lacrosse’s biggest stringing competition. Week five is focused on traditional stringing, in particular the double knot or the “box” knot. This week’s judge is Conor Wilson at Lacrosse Allstars. This week each contestant was challenged to use Conor’s box knot to make the most functional and visual pleasing pocket possible in their STX Surgeon 10 500. This weeks winner is @mclaxstrings and the runner up is @lacrosseman. The prize for this week is of course a bunch of Swag with stickers & apparel. But the kicker for this week’s challenge is the winner (@mclaxstrings) gets to be a writer of great content on Lacrosse Allstars website! Thank you for watching and stay tuned for the last week of competition judged by Greg at East Coast Dyes.

Watch our weekly video installment on and be sure to check out the leaderboard and root for your favorite stringer on Instagram @brostrings, @laxisbae, @lacrosseman, @oldratlax, @mclaxstrings. We want to thank all of our sponsors The Lacrosse Network, Stylin Strings, Throne of String, East Coast Dyes, Encore Lacrosse, LAX Allstars, STX, and JimAlax.

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