Stylin Strings Summer Water Lax Sale featuring Waboba


It’s May, the official beginning of summer and here at Stylin Strings we couldn’t be more pumped. We have been waiting for the cookouts, camping, and our course beach lacrosse tournaments. For this month’s sale we are giving 20% off all Waboba water lacrosse sets. Now if you haven’t heard we have made some fun lacrosse toys for the summer that come with a Waboba ball that you can bounce on water, that’s right play catch literally in your pool or in the ocean. We currently offer two options; one is more of a Stylin Strings Mini Lacrosse Waboba Fiddle Stick 2-Pack of sticks strung with regular soft mesh and of course a Waboba ball. The other more intense option is the Custom Mesh Waboba Mini Lacrosse Fiddle Stick 2-Pack set that you can build yourself with your choice of mesh including the two most popular for these waterproof sets, East Coast Dyes, and Throne of String allowing over 6 BILLION Combinations. Whether you like the warm weather or just love the water, now is your chance to save on a great lacrosse toy set that will give you hours of enjoyment.

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