SoSo 68 – Notre Dame thank you sticks, Mike the Jedi and a sick trad

After a brief hiatus we return this week with an all new Ship Out Shout Out! Justin is back from vacation and get right into the swing of things showing all of our viewers #IrishMike’s awesome light saber Jedi skills! We start off this week with T-Bird’s new project where he strings the exact same pocket in two different heads. This time we have California Plus pockets with white StringKing 2S in an Under Armour Charge 2 and a Maverik Optik. Next we update everyone on our new Ladder channel pocket that we have developed for the women’s game. Tyler let’s all of our viewers know which colleges we are stringing for this week, such as Notre dame, Niagara, Elizabethtown, and UConn. Up next is a Warrior Rabil with a nicely strung Lacrosse Allstars 6 box traditional. Finally our “Stick of the Week” is a combination of Maverik Tanks that were dyed up for the University of Notre Dame Coaching staff as a thank you for our partnership with them this year. We look forward to continuing to string sticks for one of the best teams in lacrosse. That’s it for this week and until next time “Keep Laxin’”

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