Easton Stealth Core Lacrosse Head

One of Easton’s more popular products as of late has been the Easton Stealth Core lacrosse head. Released in 2012, the Stealth Core head is one of the higher end lacrosse heads released by Easton.

The Easton Stealth Core head comes packed with some powerful technology and great features. First, it features Easton’s patented Reflex technology. This is going to help provide increased velocity on your shots, and you can’t argue with that. You’re also going to see that the Stealth Core head has the same adjustability and in-game tuning ability as the Stealth HS head – without the adjustable pinch.

Easton’s Stealth Core head meets universal specifications, or in other words, it is legal for use at all levels of play.

The Stealth Core lacrosse head is available in both strung and unstrung options. The factory strung option from Easton will take some breaking in, but it’s not a bad way to go if you don’t want to string your own head. The weight on the new Stealth Core lacrosse head is only 5.3 oz or 151g when you buy it unstrung.

You have two color options when picking up the Stealth Core head, black and white. Both colors feature some nice yellow accents, but the yellow pops a lot more on the black head.

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Check out the Easton Stealth Core lacrosse head below and let us know your thoughts. Have you used this head? Did you like it? Leave us a comment!

Easton Stealth Core Lacrosse Head