The Men of Harvard Lacrosse

There are a lot of great lacrosse YouTube videos out there for our viewing pleasure. Many of them will feature highlights, or how-to tips and guides to improve your skill. One of my personal favorites, however, is The Men of Harvard Lacrosse.

This video was published on April 9th, 2012. At the time,  the Harvard men’s lacrosse team was finishing up a tough spring where they closed the season with three straight losses. The video, however, would not lead you to believe that this was a struggling team. In fact, the video maintains an element of tremendous power for the Harvard lacrosse team. It was so well done, that I felt obligated to share with everyone.

Keep in mind this video has a running time of about 20 minutes, so make sure you have the time to watch it all. It will definitely be a little motivating for you to get out and train or play, but those are the kind of videos we all love.

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