In Defense of Music

It’s 10:30 PM and the lights are on but the park is empty. All teams at the Pomerstone Classic have gone home for the night. Except mine. From far away you can see us clustered around in a circle—probably reviewing the three games we played that day, possibly talking strategy for our two games tomorrow.

But walk closer and you’ll see–we’re dancing.

Can't hold us

My team never goes without music. Whether it’s practice, warm-ups, or celebration post-game our speaker is always blaring. Many coaches and players find music distracting and unprofessional. It’s hard to yell orders or directions when you’re fighting Avici or Diplo for the airwaves. How, they ask, can you keep your players calm and collected before a game if their mind isn’t clear? They cite studies claiming multi-tasking (e.g. trying to warm up and prep and listen) detracts from the caliber of production.

But lacrosse isn’t about production. There’s no right mathematical formula or combination for winning a game. The game is rhythmic; more art than science. Focus and concentration are essential, but if you play for the love of the game, those take care of themselves. I play best when I’m loose and relaxed.

To all those teams and coaches that hate on music before a game, I offer only our record and my sincerest apologies. Because your team isn’t having as much fun as ours 😉

Good luck on your season. Keep posted for an epic warm up play list.

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