Improve Your Skills with Cradlebaby


If you’re like me, you practice lacrosse in the house. Despite being told not to, you continue to practice new things, not knowing whether or not it will work out for you. Sometimes things go great, you pull off something cool and you move on to the next one. Other times, well, you end up breaking something.

To prevent this from happening, the Cradlebaby was invented.

According to the creators, Cradlebaby is “a lacrosse practice ball designed to help kids of all ages and skills improve their lacrosse game. Specifically, to improve their cradling, dodges, fakes and shots by allowing them to practice indoors or out, all the time. The Cradlebaby training ball is a regulation lax ball tethered to a player’s stick so that they can play with it without breaking windows, lamps, etc.”

The Cradlebaby attaches to the head of the lacrosse stick, while being permanently attached to the ball. This makes the ball feel just like a normal lacrosse ball when practicing, but adds the security of knowing you won’t lose the ball somewhere or break anything.

Whether you’re practicing indoors or outdoors, this is a sweet little practice tool. For more information on the Cradlebaby, or to pick one up today for only $15.00, head over to¬†

Check out the video below of the Cradlebaby in action. Drop us a line in the comments and let us know your thoughts as well!

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