SOSO 62: New Zealand National Team, Mav minis over Super Powers, Missing Irish Mike

Skaggs is back from the MLL Allstar game in Houston, Texas this week for a brand new episode of the Ship Out Shout Out only at Stylin’ Strings. For this week’s installment we get an update on now #lifeguardmike and give you a glimpse into some upcoming projects on our Snapchat and Instagram pages. The first stick this week is a Forest Green STX Hammer U with a pretty sweet LAS college legal Pita by T-bird heading out to New Jersey. Next we explain the low down on our Mini switch to the Maverik Juice Jr instead of the STX and the difference between them. Finally we show off a full teams worth of sticks we did with a One Color Fade Dye and FIL legal pockets for the New Zealand National Women’s lacrosse team. Stay Tuned and Until next time, Keep Laxin’!

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