SoSo 63: String League Winner’s Pocket, New Ladder pocket preview, and some important PSAs

In this week’s episode, Justin is hosting solo because #IrishMike is now #Mikethelifeguard for the summer. Skaggs gives us a glimpse with The Lacrosse Network’s assistance the most viewed lacrosse video ever. We start off this week with a two color fade Headstrong Foundation colors by #frankiefingers in an STX Goalmaster with a G-Pro pocket using 12 diamond East Coast Goalie Mesh. Next our host gives eall of us a short little PSA regarding the goalmaster and when strung properly that “it doesn’t suck. Next we feature two Tribe 7 Ghosts’s precisely strung by T-Bird with East Coast Dyes Replica PLUS pockets. Finally we feature two Sticks of the Week, the first is an STX Surgeon 500 with the winner of Stringleague, @lacrosseman’s own original pocket that we will be featuring in an upcoming new segment. The second is an STX Crux 500 10 degree with a Ladder Pocket strung up by Justin himself for our friend Jen Muston, Head coach of the York College women’s program that came in as runner up in Division 3 women’s lacrosse this year.

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