SoSo 65: Custom Army Lacrosse Head, Winners announced, State abbreviations.

Welcome back to the 65th episode of the Ship Out Shout Out. This Week our host Justin tells us how much he enjoys watching Mike watch the show as he gets made fun of for being a lifeguard and does a little shameless self promotion regarding his free trip to the Foo Fighters concert. We start off this week’s episode with a lime green STX Surgeon strung with a Pita Plus pocket to match by T-Bird. Next we have an with a Cali Plus pocket including the new ECD Hero Mesh in all white and #IrishMike announces the winners of the mesh kits from Long Island. Finally we feature a 2 Color Fade Army Dye by #Frankie Fingers with a ladder pocket created by Justin and strung up by T-Bird for our good friend Danielle Etrasco who is the head coach for the Army women’s lacrosse program as well as a player for the women’s US national team. Thank you for tuning in this week and until next time Keep Laxin’.

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Published on Jul 9, 2015
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