SoSo66: LE Mini PITA Giveaway, Shamrock Lacrosse Heads, and a sing along

Welcome back to the 66th episode of the Ship Out Shout Out. This Week our host Justin has the staff sing the Lion King theme song to show how excited we are over the new dyed mini sticks. we start off with some awkward name pronunciation and an Warrior Evo 3X with a Lacrosse All Stars College Legal Pita Pocket strung by T-bird of course and Skaggs warns us yet again about high pockets. Secondly, we have a rare Shamrock head with a custom Bee Dye by Frankie_fingers_lax. Up next is a Maverik Tank with an East Coast Dyes Replica Plus pocket with East Coast dyes white 15mm mesh. An STX Shield is featured with a Build your own Goalie pocket with Stringking Grizzly mesh for John in Towson, Md who dropped his stick off at our tent at the NXT Cup. Finally, the stick of the week is a Maverik Optik Dyed by Frankie_fingers_lax for East Coast Dyes in a Delaware University theme. If you won our contest last week please email us so that we can send out your mesh kit to you. Thank you for tuning in this week and until next time Keep Laxin’.

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Published on Jul 9, 2015
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