SoSo 70 : Tilt gear, UVA Custom Head, 4 Head order

Welcome to the 70th episode of the Ship Out Shout out! This Week starts off with our host Justin ragging on #frankiefingers about his upcoming wedding, we show off some great custom dyed and strung sticks, and even do a few shameless promotion skits.

We start off this week with a Brine Rp3 with East Coast Mesh and color scheme Cali Plus pocket with an ECD Carbon shaft to match for a local customer. Next we have a pretty unique stock gold Maverik Centrik with Jimalax top string, East Coast Dyes Top weaved nylons, 2 String king shooters and String king 2S Mesh. Then we take a little pause for some shameless Crocs promotion and to thank Tilt Clothing Co., which we are partnering up with for a dye and some new gear for the guys at the shop. Next Justin highlights some supply orders heading out before explainig why we are using the new #findyourpocket. And we have a four head order of 2 Maverik Optik and 2 Warrior Evo 4X with a one color fade all strung with the String King uString L1 ACCY3 pocket designed for a low pocket for an attackman or midfielder. Finally the stick of the week is a fantastic clean dyed Gait head for the University of Virginia’s equipment manager. Well that’s it for this week’s episode, make sure stay tuned for our next installment and until then, Keep Laxin’

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