Easton Eon Lacrosse Stick

Easton Eon Lacrosse Stick
Easton Eon Lacrosse Stick

Easton recently released their latest entry level complete lacrosse stick, the Easton Eon lacrosse stick. With the beginner in mind, the Easton Eon lacrosse stick was designed to be fully functional for any player first picking up a stick, or just getting into the sport.

The shaft on the Easton Eon lacrosse stick is manufactured with high performance 6061 alloy, and delivers very visually appealing graphics inspired by the Stealth series. The Eon stick comes standard with a universal specification head, which has been optimized for players who are new to the game. Additionally, the head is pre-strung, and the pocket is broken in and ready to play. Coming in at only 397 grams, this stick is also going to be very light weight.

The Easton Eon lacrosse stick is going to come standard in two different flavors. First is the black and white version. This style contains black, white and grey graphics on the shaft, and includes a black head with white strings. For the other color scheme, you’ll have the same black and grey graphics, but the shaft will use yellow as an accent instead of white. The yellow really pops and this shaft and looks great. Along with the black head on this version, it will be strung in white with some additional yellow to complete the look.

Easton’s Eon lacrosse stick has already been released and can be purchased from your favorite lacrosse retailer today. The cost is only $49.99, making it a great price for an entry level stick.

What are your thoughts on the Easton Eon lacrosse stick? If you’re a beginner, will you be picking up one of these sticks? Leave us a note in the comments!

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